Can I come for an overnight visit?

Of course, but I prefer not to do overnights on your first visit to Mommy’s Place. I like to get to know you in your initial, introductory visit, and come to understand your unique AB/DL needs. After your first visit, we can plan for an overnight stay.

Will you be my mommy-wife?

No. I’m afraid I can’t be the mommy to just one baby. There are so many of you that need nurturing and care from Mommy, it wouldn’t be fair.

What will happen during the initial, introductory visit?

Well, you’ll get a tour of Mommy’s Place and we’ll talk about what you like. You’ll get diapered. We’ll play with toys. Maybe there will be some resting or cuddle time. It depends on what you like to do as an AB/DL.

What if I schedule a visit and have to cancel?

If you cancel your visit with at least 24 hours notice, I will credit you for the visit and you can schedule again at a later date with no additional donation required.

Are there additional costs for diaper changes?

Diapers and changes (wet only!) are part of the experience. There is not additional charge, as long as the number is not excessive. Reasonable is one or two for an introductory session, and one to three in a three hour visit. I have a wide variety of different diapers to choose from.

What kind of activities would take place during a longer or overnight session?

Each baby has different needs and desires for a longer session, which is why I prefer an introductory session (to get to know you and your baby needs) and then lots of planning for a longer session. Options include baths, playtime, watching movies, story-time, naps, taking walks, going to events, going out for meals, and going to parties or munches (when they are available). Please Note: I believe in consent, and won’t impose our activities on non-involved persons in public–they might not “get” it. Sleeping overnight in the adult baby crib is a given for an overnight visit, while Mommy will sleep in the next room.

Are the donations for longer sessions the same as the introductory visit?

No, but I have reasonable expectations about the donations for longer visits.

When will you provide me of the address of Mommy’s Place?

I will give you a general location (for travel planning) when requested. The exact address will be supplied on the day of your appointment.

Just a reminder…

There will be NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES at Mommy’s Place, EVER! Read this.