Now that I have crafted my world at Mommy’s Place, I like to use it for everything I can. Some other activities I enjoy doing (but usually NOT with my AB/DLs) are below.

Chastity Play: I have a large assortment of different types and sizes (pics of many are on my Fet profile). I love this game of control and power over a boy’s favorite toy. I like both short-term and long-term chastity, but don’t get much of a rush from “virtual chastity,” as some like to call it. (Advanced*)

T&D: Sometimes as a part of chastity, and sometimes just for fun, tease and denial can be an enjoyable (though frustrating) experience for my boys and a great power trip for me. (Advanced*)

Cross Dressing: I love my boys who like to dress up as girls, and enjoy helping you do it. I have a lot of clothes in my closet for you, and can also take you on shopping trips to find just the right items. We can have “outings,” when you’re ready, such as going to drag shows or burlesque shows or other events. Portland is a very understanding city, and even if you can’t “pass,” nobody will make fun of you at the events we attend. This is for both hetro CDs and transfolk who are working on getting in touch with their feminine side. If you need help with wigs or makeup or other girlie things, Mommy will assist you.

Discipline and Correction: I’m not a harsh mommy at all, and I won’t beat or hurt my babies, EVER. However, some AB/DLs do occasionally need a “more stern hand.” For those who need it, with sufficient lead time and donation, I can arrange the assistance of Aunty N (a girlfriend of mine) or Daddy C (my mostly silent and absent business partner) to provide the chastisement that some AB/DLs (and others) need from time to time in order to remember to be polite, considerate, and well-behaved. (Advanced*)

Package Delivery Acceptance: Many of you lead a very private life and don’t have a place to have special items delivered, even when they do arrive in a “plain brown wrapper.” I have a local and secure PO box and will accept and hold your packages until you come to visit.

Wardrobe and Supplies Storage: If you are a regular visitor to Mommy’s Place, I will arrange for you to have a personal bin and/or hanging clothes case where all of your personal items can be stored safely and privately for your use when you visit.

Cyber: Skype, Kik, IM, BBM, FetMail, Email, etc. Sometimes, you’re very far away, and would like to maintain contact with Mommy while you plan and budget for a travel visit to Mommy’s Place. In such cases, we can arrange to have regular contact. Cyber can take a bit of effort and a lot of Mommy’s limited time, so an appropriate donation is appreciated.

*These starred items are considered Advanced Activities and won’t be considered on an introductory visit. I need to know you better before we can get into the advanced realm.