First, please know that NOTHING ILLEGAL will ever be a part of your experience with me at Mommy’s Place.

That said, there are a lot of different activities that Mommy and baby can engage in.

Dressing: You can be diapered and dressed in baby clothes.

Playing: We can play with toys.

Cuddling and Videos: We can watch fun videos while I cuddle you.

Napping: You can nap in my adult-size baby crib while I watch over you.

Story time: I can cuddle and read to you.

Diaper Changes: I will change your wet diapers (no dirty diapers).

Bath Time: I can give you a bubble bath with play toys.

Feeding Time: I can feed you in my lovely kitchen (adult-sized high chair is forthcoming is on my long-term wish list).

These and other activities will be combined to create your experience, based on what I’ve learned about your needs.


Other Activities: There are other options available at Mommy’s Place that aren’t necessarily for AB/DLs. For more on those, click here.

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